OCT 2020


1 MI
1 MI

The virtual race and relay series is designed to do what its title suggest: Inspire the World to MOVE!

We brought you the opportunity to take part in the Windy River Virtual Relay by running or walking at your convenience, or socially distanced with a determined and energetic group of friends, family or colleagues in this memorable virtual relay! Our participants ran and walked on their neighborhood streets, trails, parks and kept up with the rest of their team through social media and our unique app! Movement is so important to ensuring mental and physical well-being. We believe in the power of sport to uplift each of us, and in these times it’s never been more important to help each other achieve balance in mind and body. We will continue to do all we can to help the world achieve that goal.


All the FUN we had.

Our two week virtual relay was live from October 2nd to October 17th. During this time teams worked hard to walk or run 49 or 61 miles!

Teams were able to participate in a socially distanced and safe way while staying connected using our timing app to reach their common goal! 

When the goal was completed – CELEBRATIONS commenced!

THANK YOU to all of you who  took part in the Windy River Virtual Relay! Your camaraderie was and continues to inspire us all as we continue to motivate one another in movement. This year many things were put on hold, but we were so happy that the spirit of running and walking lives on!


What we did.


Register for the Windy River Virtual Running and Walking Relay. 

Oct 2nd:

Relay opens!

Oct 2nd: 

9am – 12pm Drive through tshirt and medal pick up (included in registration) at the HTC Office – 7236 SW Durham Rd Suite 800 Portland OR 97224

Oct 16th: 

9am – 2pm Drive through tshirt and medal pick up (included in registration) at the HTC Office – 7236 SW Durham Rd Suite 800 Portland OR 97224

Oct 17th:

Relay closes!

Oct 19th:

Medals and shirts not picked up via drive through are shipped out!


HTC is dedicated to giving back.

Proceeds from the Windy River Virtual Relay were donated to the Brian Grant Foundation. The Brian Grant Foundation provides proven tools to improve the well-being of people with Parkinson’s. BGF was established in 2010, following Brian’s diagnosis in 2008 at the age of 36. Though there is no cure for Parkinson’s, exercise, nutrition and a supportive community can help manage symptoms, maintain overall health and prevent other serious illnesses.


How to virtually participate during COVID19.

When choosing your route, avoid crowded areas. When running give 6 feet or more of distance between you and others. Run solo, or with housemates only.

Do not go out for a run if you are feeling sick. Wear a mask while running. Avoid touching high traffic surfaces like traffic buttons (use an elbow if needed). Avoid spitting and shooting snot rockets. Wash your hands upon your return home. 

Run against traffic so that you can see oncoming cars. Stick to sidewalks. Stay to the right and pass on the left. Stay observant for other pedestrians and vehicles.