What we are set out into the world to do.

Create the most significant long distance running and walking relay in the world, utilizing the event as a platform to create social reconnection, environmental awareness and implement goal based solutions to increase sustained physical fitness amongst an inclusive and multicultural community in the United States and abroad.


Felicia Hubber – Chairwoman and Race Director

Jude Hubber – CEO

Dan Floyd – COO

Ross Hubber – Vice President of Operations

Luke Vanoudenhaegen – Senior Director of Operations

Hope Hill – Marketing and Brand Manager

Cole Miller – Operations Manager

Leah Beyer – Manager of Marketing & Operations 

Taylor Cole – Manager of Communications & Participant Success

Kevin Lowe- Logistics Specialist


Let's make a movement!


The HTC/PTC Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement Advisory Committee  recognizes and appreciates diversity and commits to equity through inclusive event engagement, so that we deepen ties with diverse participants and volunteers, and we promote healthy living and social justice in the broader running and walking community.



How we are taking action.

Meaningfully engage and educate HTC/PTC and Race Series employees on equity, inclusion, multicultural engagement, and socioeconomic variations. Learning about equity and how to apply these concepts to the work of HTC/PTC and Race Series employees is critical to fulfilling the vision of elevating event practices.

Encourage HTC/PTC and Race Series employees, participants, partners to participate in equity and community learning groups.

Meaningfully engage communities of color and partner with community based organizations to advance racial equity, and encourage participation from varying socioeconomic strata within the Hood & Portland To Coast Relays.

Highlight achievements within HTC/PTC and Race Series equitably, with a priority on opportunities to celebrate women, multicultural backgrounds, LGBTQ communities, diverse socio-economic backgrounds, and people with disabilities.

Manage HTC/PTC and Race Series to be increasingly welcoming for women, multicultural backgrounds, LGBTQ communities, people with disabilities and varying socio-economic backgrounds.


Bret Barnum – Sergeant, Portland Police Bureau

Karol Collymore – Social and Community Impact, Nike

Nirav Dalal – Team Trample the Weak

Dan Floyd – COO, Hood to Coast

Antonio Harris

Kira Higgs

Felicia Hubber – Chair Woman and Race Director, Hood to Coast

Hector Ignacio


Carrie Kalscheuer – Director of Sales and Education, A to Z Wineworks

Tracey Lorts – Senior Marketing Events Manager, Greater Giving – Team TryAthletes

Renee Rank Ignacio

Ed Reilly – Member, Portland Frontrunners

Curtis Carroll – Director of Development. Sunshine Division

Jessica Zdeb – Team Athena


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