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The world's largest and most exciting relay!

The Providence Hood and Portland To Coast Relay, located in Oregon, is the most popular relay race in the world, annually drawing participants from over 40 countries. Known as the Mother of All Relays, the event takes 12-member relay teams 199 miles  running or 130 miles walking from the iconic top of Mount Hood to the beaches of the Pacific Ocean. The event has sold-out now for 30 straight years and on lottery opening day for 23 consecutive years, annually placing thousands of hopeful participants on a wait list.


Just the facts please.

DATE: August 27-28, 2021


HTC: 199 mi Run // PTC: 130 mi Walk // NEW PTC Challenge: 130 mi Run


8-12 members per team


HTC: $2,060 // PTC: $1,400 // NEW PTC Challenge: $1,400

The Mother of All Relays reaches its capacity every year. Look to apply for the lottery and postmark on October 7th!

NEW FOR 2021

A new way to join in the fun!


The NEW Portland To Coast Challenge Relay continues in the spirit of Hood To Coast, but starts with festivities along the Willamette River at HTC Exchange 12 for a 130 mile running adventure with your best running friends, family, coworkers, or neighbors. The PTC Challenge has now expanded to include entry for teams of adult runners as well as youth from ages 14 on up! The PTC Challenge Relay starts Friday late afternoon, and joins with Hood To Coast runners and Portland To Coast walkers for the event course and festivities all the way to the beach! Get your team (8-12 runners) and JOIN US for a very limited spot as one of 75 teams in the PTC Challenge and Mother of All Relays!

  • Limited to the first 75 teams
  • Teams OF ALL AGES 
  • Starts in Portland
  • Attainable 130 mile running adventure
  • Starts Friday and joins with HTC runners and PTC walkers for the event course and festivities all the way to the beach!
  • 8-12 runners per team


Take your chances at joining us!


  • Dates to download application: 9/15/20-10/7/20
  • Date to postmark your application: 10/7/20



  • Do I mail in the signed application? YES, postmark and mail on 10/7/20. Lottery applications must be postmarked on this day.
  • Does the Hood & Portland To Coast lottery fill? Yes, the Hood & Portland To Coast Relays have filled its team limit (1,050 HTC teams, 400 Portland To Coast Walk teams, 75 Portland To Coast Challenge run teams) for the past 29 years and on Opening Lottery Day for 22 consecutive years!
  • Do I have a spot in 2021 if I registered in 2020? YES – teams confirmed from the 2020 Relay have been automatically transferred into the 2021 event to be held on August 27-28, 2021. IF YOU HAVE ALREADY BEEN ACCEPTED IN THE 2020 RELAY, DO NOT SUBMIT FOR THE 2021 LOTTERY.
  • How will I know if I get a team spot? Teams selected in the lottery will be sent a confirmation email in mid-late October. Teams that don’t make it into the lottery will receive an email notifying them in mid-late October, as well as  details on how to increase your chances for the 2022 events.
  • Please read the important info about our course and race further on this page.


There is a 36-hour finish time limit. This is a pace of 10:00 per mile (6:15 per km) running for Hood To Coast. This is part of several permits to use the roads and have all participants off the course by 9:00pm, Saturday August 28, 2021. If your team is close to a 36 hour finish at the beach, your team may be asked by race officials in the latter ¼ of the course to “leap-frog” by having two teammates run/walk simultaneously.

If a team is confirmed accepted, there are no entry refunds, transfers or deferments, which has been in effect for 39 years of the Mother of All Relays.

The 39th annual Hood To Coast, 30th anniversary Portland To Coast Walk and NEW Portland To Coast Run Challenge lottery for 2021 will take place OCTOBER 7, 2020


KEY DATES / Registration + Participation

Know when and where to be.

May 23

Extra Medals Order Deadline - Last day to order extra race medals (remember your dedicated van drivers and volunteers)! Available on-line in the Team Clubhouse


Extra Shirts/Update T-Shirt Size - Last day to order extra race shirts and update sizes. Size and quantity you have on your roster on this date is what you will receive at packet pickup. Any t-shirts submitted after this date will receive remaining sizes that are available.

June 17

Teams must have a minimum of 8 members on their roster in order to participate.

June 21

Last Day for Free Additions/Substitutions - After this day, adds/subs are $20 per person. (all participants must sign online waiver by this date to avoid the fee).


A minimum of 8 team members must complete the finish time survey by this date in order to receive a start time. Submit your most accurate/up-to date race time by registering and completing one of the HTC Race Series events.


Last Day for Team Name Changes - Your team name will be printed on your race bib! All Team Names as of 11:59pm on July 28 will be printed on the official race bibs!


Starting at 10am PST, check your Team Clubhouse for the ‘Add Volunteer’ button (if one team member is located within a 100 mile radius of Portland, you will be prompted). Invite your volunteers, they will be sent an automatic email invite (verify with volunteers that they have received this email). Volunteer registration and job selection will start July 9 at 8am PST.


Volunteer Registration and Job Selection OPENS @ 8am PST - Volunteers will follow the link in the email that was sent. Volunteer registration and training will end on August 5th at 11:59pm. We highly recommend using Google Chrome and not attempting to register via smartphone (please use an iPad or laptop/PC). Volunteer registration and training will end on August 5th at 11:59pm.

Aug 4

Volunteer Training Closes: Unassigned volunteers will be randomly assigned to open positions on 8/6. Volunteers who have completed the online training and have not selected a volunteer position will be randomly assigned to one. These random job assignments CANNOT BE CHANGED once assignments are issued. Closing at 11:59pm.


Packet Hold Issued for Local Teams with less than 3 Volunteers All local teams with less than three volunteers will not be able to pick up their race bag at Packet Pick Up. Race bags with necessary materials to participate in the event will be held until three volunteers have been confirmed.

AUG 14

Start Times Posted Team start times are posted via logging into your Team Clubhouse.

AUG 14

Packet Pick Up & Exchange Leader Training Location T.B.D. Packet Pick up: 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Exchange Leader Training: 1:00-2:00 p.m. Get your awesome race shirts, important event reminders/info, race bibs, van signs, find out your team start time and receive a bag of sponsor goodies!

Aug 27-28

39th Hood To Coast & 30th Anniversary Portland To Coast: Race Day! Let’s rock The Mother of All Relays!

Aug 28

Women’s, Men’s, and Mixed Category Winning Teams Announced & Providence Cancer Institute Fundraising Totals 5:25pm: The Women’s, Men’s, and Mixed Category Hood To Coast and Portland To Coast WINNING TEAMS will be announced! Providence Cancer Institute overall fundraising results will be announced in front of the main stage.

Aug 29

Official Awards Ceremony 9:00am: The Top 6 teams in each Women’s, Men’s, and Mixed Category will be announced and given their awards. Hood To Coast awards will begin at 9:00am with Portland To Coast and High School Challenge following.


Most frequent questions and answers

From 3:00am – 7:00am and after 6:00pm, runners/walkers while participating must:

Carry a flashlight (headlight or similar)
Wear one front and one back LED flasher.
Wear a reflective vest (vest must be worn until 9:00am)
Teammates/support personnel are highly recommended to wear a reflective vest and LED flasher (when not inside the race vehicle), on the course or at any exchange, from 6:00pm – 9:00am. All participants are encouraged to wear high visibility colors during all hours.

Teams or participants found sleeping in un-designated sleeping areas (such as exchange parking) MUST move to one of the designated sleeping areas (Exchange 18, 24, and 30) or risk being disqualified.


Participants are allowed to use small tents in designated sleeping fields – except Exchange 30!

If participants do not agree to move to a designated sleeping area (roped off with stakes and caution/surveyor’s tape), they will be disqualified from the race. This is a safety issue of high important.

Music devices with speakers below the head or outside of the ear are allowed.

Headphones/buds or any other music devices in the ear ARE NOT allowed.
Music must be at a sound level considered appropriate to both the general public and other participants.
Participants must still be able to hear instructions and general traffic noises.
If a Volunteer or Race Official deems the music too loud, the participant must turn down the volume immediately, failure to comply will result in immediate disqualification.

The race hires 18 bike safety patrol riders to monitor Springwater Trail from legs 9-12 from 7pm to last runner, as well as over 40 motorcycle safety patrol riders from Legs 13-35 for the entire race time period. Look for them, wearing race official shirts,
reflective vest, LED flashers and have event radios for communication if needed.

Oregon State Law clearly states that no open containers of alcohol are permitted within vehicles.
Save the celebration for the Finish Party!
Police will be strongly enforcing this law on the course.

The Race Course and Finish Area will close Saturday evening at 9:00pm.
Any teams still on the course at that time will be requested by Race Officials to either discontinue the race, or plan on finishing by having more than one teammate run at the same time, called “Leap Frogging.”
All teams are seeded to finish before the course officially closes, provided your team has supplied honest race pace times.

No traffic or police monitors are promised to protect runners and walkers from vehicular traffic along the course.
Great care must be exercised at all times by participants and team vehicles.
Participants must travel along the right road shoulder or sidewalk (unless otherwise stated), and obey all Oregon traffic laws and signals.
Self-policing of our event is the reason we will have a lack of injuries or traffic-related mishaps.

Teams are responsible for supplying an adequate first aid kit to treat: blisters, abrasion, headaches, heat exhaustion, and other common ailments.
Most running/walking injuries are directly related to soft tissue trauma and are effectively treated with ice.
We strongly recommend bringing a cooler filled with ice (remember R.I.C.E: Rest Ice Compression Elevation).

There will be a radio at every exchange point along the race course. If you see anyone in need of assistance, please get their race number, and if possible, let the Exchange Leader with a radio know at the next Exchange Point. They are capable of bringing in an ambulance or even Life Flight if necessary.

In case of emergency, (Start, on course roads, or at Finish), it is each participant/team’s responsibility to seek their own appropriate medical/emergency care. (Remember to write your emergency medical info where provided on the back of your race bib!)


Let’s all do our part to reduce the chance of a forest or grass fire! Each team vehicle should carry a fire extinguisher, shovel, and gallon(s) of water.
No aid stations guaranteed along the course
Participants are strongly urged to carry large containers of water in team vehicles!
Most important step you can take during the race is to continuously hydrate (drink non-caffeinated fluids and water).
Recommended intake: 12-16 cups of water per day


Race Numbers/Wrist Wraps
-Race bibs must be worn at all times, and the Wrist Wrap must be carried/worn at all times throughout the race.

No stopping on road or in exchange parking area prior to parking
-No stopping, when vehicles are moving, to drop off a runner/walker. This quickly causes a backup of congestion if vans do not adhere to the rule.

Vehicles Following Participants
-No vehicles will be allowed to follow behind participants to illuminate the road during night-time legs. These vehicles severely impede traffic.

Conduct on Race Course
-Any conduct deemed unsafe or unsportsmanlike by Race Officials will not be tolerated. Do not obstruct traffic, play loud music, yell, or honk horns early in the morning or at night in rural/neighborhood areas. Also, no van decorations that are overtly suggestive, sexual, or that contain foul language.

No Parking on Road Prior to Exchange
– No parking is allowed along the roads within 500 feet prior to an exchange. Parking is allowed in designated areas only after the exchange point marker. Please park off the road as far as possible, watch for participants, and stay alert to other traffic.

Participant Rotation
-All teams are to rotate their team members in the same sequence throughout the race, not consecutively in a row. For example, if a participant begins on Leg 2, he/she must stay in the number 2 position throughout the race. The participant would then rotate to Leg 8.This sequence should continue unless a teammate has dropped out.)

Mixed Division Participant Drop Out
-If a participant on a Mixed Division team becomes injured and drops out during a leg, the injured runner/walker must be replaced with the next team member in rotation of the same gender. (See handbook for additional details and examples.)

Participant Drop Out
-If a team member drops out due to injury or illness during a leg, only the next runner/walker in rotation can take the wrist wrap to continue, (but only to the next exchange point.) The next person in rotation can only finish the unfinished portion of the previous leg and go no further. A handoff must occur at the exchange point to the next participant in rotation. No more than one substitution in one legis allowed. (See handbook for additional details and examples.)

Race Officials
-Course volunteers, O.D.O.T, and traffic safety officials at exchanges are considered Race Officials. They have the authority to disqualify a team for rule violations, abusive behavior, or failure to follow instructions given by volunteers. Abusive treatment of disregard for their authority will result, at minimum, in a 60-minute penalty.

Display of Team Vehicle Signs
-Each team is to have one (1) vehicle. Official vehicle signs will be issued to each team (in the team bag given at packet pickup or the race check-in tent). A 60-minute penalty will be assessed for failure to properly display these signs. A team found with more than one vehicle on the race course will be disqualified.

Safety Gear
From 3:00am-7:00am and after 6:00 pm, all participants on the course must:
-Carry a flashlight (headlamp or similar)
-Wear one front and one back LED flasher.
-Wear reflective vest until 9:00am

Save the Party for the Finish!
-Open alcoholic containers, drinking, inebriated participants or volunteers on the course will immediately be disqualified.

No Bicycles or Dogs
-No bicycles or dogs are allowed to accompany participants on the race course. Team members found biking the course are assumed to be accompanying participants and the team will be disqualified.

Public Nuisance Rule
-Participants who are reported to have littered, urinated, or defecated on private property will immediately be disqualified. Please use good judgment and be considerate of property owners along the course. Portable toilets and ample garage containers are provided at each exchange point.

No Oversize Vehicles
-No vehicles 80” or wider, or longer than 23’, motor homes, buses, limos are allowed on the course by any team or team support. If you have doubts about the legality of your vehicle, contact the HTC/PTC office prior to the relay.

Start Time
-Any teams found starting the race earlier than their assigned start time will be disqualified.

-Headphones/buds or any other music devices in the ear are NOT allowed. Participants must still be able to hear instructions and general traffic noises. Failure to comply will result in disqualification.


Just the facts please.

Teams with at least one member residing within a 100 mile radius of Portland are considered local and  are required to provide three race volunteers. There is no buy-out option. Captains/teams are responsible for ensuring their volunteers complete the mandatory online training, are appointed their job, show up on time, and fulfill the required tasks.

Captains/teams may provide one Exchange Leader in substitution of the three volunteers, while positions last. 

See July-August key dates for timelines of volunteer registration opening/closing and mandatory online training.

We ask volunteers to engage with us in recognizing and appreciating diversity and commit to equity through inclusive event engagement so that we deepen ties with diverse participants and volunteers, and promote healthy living in the broader running and walking community. 


Just the facts please.

As the official airline of the Hood to Coast/Portland to Coast Relays, Alaska Airlines is pleased to provide discounted travel for participants! Fly Alaska Airlines to Portland and save 10% on flights from any city in the U.S. or Canada (excluding Hawaii and Prudhoe Bay)! Registered participants will receive an email with the travel discount information.


Most frequent questions and answers

Our team produces the renowned, incredibly fun Hood to Coast Race Series. Check out our events here

Questions? Email

1) Current Captain must log into Team Clubhouse
2) Click on ‘Captain Tools’ and over to Change Team Captain
3) Select the team member you would like as captain and click on the green thumbs up

NOTE: Once the role of Captain has been transferred, the former Captain will no longer be able to invite/remove team members, edit team info, etc.

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The Team Category will update automatically on the ‘Team Roster’ page as team members register.

Each leg ranges in distance from over 3 to 7 miles. All legs are accessible, with the exception of those noted here as not being recommended for athletes using wheeled devices or hand cycles:

*Legs 1-3: paved but extremely steep downhill, descending over 4,500 ft elevation in approximately 15 miles.

*Leg 9: Over 4 (of 5.38 miles) is rough, fairly large gravel/rocks (from start of Springwater Trail to Hogan Road).

*Legs 20, 21, 35: rough rocky gravel.

*Leg 36: participants cross a very steep, narrow pedestrian bridge over HWY 101. The last 150 feet of Leg 36 is in sand in crossing the Finish Line.