We’re taking strides to activate an environmental and social impact in the communities we run and walk in, with a focus on taking waste management to the next level. Here are three main actions you can do to aid in these efforts. Most importantly, each team member can bring and use a refillable water bottle throughout the event from start to finish and supply your team vehicle with a 5 gal water jug. We will all make an impactful difference. DOWNLOAD THE RECYCLING/SORTING GUIDE HERE!


Join the Movement

We’d like to thank our Sustainability Partners, Koz and MiiR, for helping us make our events as sustainable as possible! 


Koz Water, a premium canned purified water, offers an infinitely recyclable alternative to plastic water bottles.  Single use plastic water bottles exist because there are times in life when one time use is either an easier option or the only option.  Koz Water provides a better option for those moments!  

Hood To Coast and Koz Water have teamed up to inspire participants to use ore sustainable and renewable consumer packaging.  We believe that keeping a healthy lifestyle includes keeping a healthy planet. Join the movement and choose Koz! Click HERE to learn more about Koz.

MiiR makes premium stainless steel vessels for coffee, beer, wine and food, all of which rely on three things at their core: water, earth and the relationship people have with both. They sit at the nexus of these three critical elements by setting aside a portion of revenue to fund projects focused on clean water, a healthy environment and strong communities.  Every MiiR purchase helps fund trackable giving projects! Click HERE to learn more about MiiR.


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