2022 lottery opens 10/6/21!

1 MI
1 MI

The Mother of All Relays is ready!

The Providence Hood and Portland To Coast Relay, located in Oregon, is the most popular and largest  running and walking relay race in the world, annually drawing participants from over 40 countries. Known as the Mother of All Relays, the event takes 12-member relay teams 199 miles  running or 130 miles walking from the iconic top of Mount Hood to the beaches of the Pacific Ocean. The event has sold-out for 30 straight years and on lottery opening day for 23 consecutive years.


Volunteer Training & Shift Selection will be available via Invitation Email from Team Captain


HTC/PTC participants, volunteers, contractors and employees strive to create equal opportunities and a welcoming, non-discriminatory environment. We are all working together to create an inclusive race community!

When you arrive at your assigned exchange, look for the HTC Exchange Leader, wearing a yellow race official HTC polo and blue HTC baseball cap. You will sign in with the official Exchange Leader who will provide guidance on your specific assignment.  

Volunteers get to choose their location and time based on a first come first serve availability after watching Volunteer Training Modules 1-4 and passing the multiple choice questionnaire with at least 75% accuracy.

Captains/teams may provide one Exchange Leader in substitution of the three volunteers, while positions last. If interested, contact 

See July-August key dates (below) for timelines of volunteer registration opening/closing and training

Teams with at least one member residing within a 100 mile radius of Portland are considered local and must provide three (3) race volunteers (this will be shown by logging on within your Team Clubhouse). There’s no buy-out option. Teams are responsible for ensuring their volunteers complete the mandatory online training, show up on time, and fulfill the required tasks. 


  1. A positive attitude and a smile!
  2. Flashlight
  3. Water
  4. Snacks
  5. Gloves, sunglasses
  6. Printed map (cell coverage is gone for most providers, Exchanges 19-31)
  7. Fully charged cell phone/charger 
  8. Long sleeve shirt or jacket
  9. Comfortable shoes (no flip flops)


  1. Children (volunteers must be 18 years or older) 
  2. Pets
  3. Headphones
  4. Alcohol


Race Volunteers: Race volunteers are located at the physical Exchange Point. Duties include:

    1. Directing van parking
    2. Keeping spectators away from the physical Exchange Zone.
    3. Calling in-coming participant team numbers
    4. Patrol exchange zone/parking
    5. Patrol Sleeping Fields (if applicable)

Volunteer Monitor: Volunteer Monitors are positioned along important course turns within half a mile to several miles of an Exchange. A monitor directs participants and vans in a certain direction.  They report to, and check in at the Exchange. 

Equipment Sitter: An ‘Equipment Sitter’ stays with and watches important race equipment at the Exchange. This is done in the time period between the Portland To Coast Walk Relay and Hood To Coast participants, when no one else is at the Exchange. The volunteer can read, talk on phone, etc. as long as they are at the Exchange, watching the equipment.

What is an Exchange Zone?

  1. An ‘Exchange Zone’ is where a participant passes off to the next participant in rotation via “air high five” (no wrist wraps this year). The waiting runner/walker will line up single file along the shoulder of the road, behind the Exchange Point.  Runner/walker finishing their ‘leg’ must then exit the Exchange Zone.  Volunteers keep spectators out of the Exchange Zone.
  2. Only allow the team timer and next participant in the exchange zone. Keep the rest of the team back.
  3. Do NOT allow vans to stop within 500 feet of the exchange zone to drop off participants. Direct them to parking.


Click HERE for the Volunteer Driving Guide


  1. Do not let vans stop as they enter parking area.
    1. Drivers should be directed to park safely and quickly.
  2. Fill in parking spots from the back (farthest from entrance), so backups don’t occur on the road.
  3. Work as a team to direct vans in the parking area.
  4. Do not stop or attempt to “flag” vehicles.
  5. Vans are not allowed to drop off participants until they are parked safely within the parking area.

Reflective vests, flashlights, or other lighted devices requirement:

  1. During ALL hours, volunteers MUST wear the new provided reflective vest. Make sure you bring a flashlight.
  2. 6:00PM-7:00AM ALL runners/walkers MUST wear a reflective vest, have a small LED light flasher on the front and back of their body, and carry a flashlight (or wear a headlight). Reflective vests only are required through 9:00AM. Runners/walkers who do not abide by this rule are not allowed to participate.  

Headphones worn outside the ear only: 

  1. Headphones/buds or any other music devices IN THE EAR are NOT
  2. Music devices outside the ear ARE
  3. Participants must still be able to hear instructions and general traffic noises.
  4. Failure to comply results in team disqualification. Please tell volunteers to enforce!

Do not direct traffic on the roads:

  1. Only a certified flagger can direct roadway traffic. Exchanges 2, 5, 14, 17 and 24 have assistance from hired certified flaggers.  Remember -volunteers only direct vans in Exchange and Parking Areas.
  2. Always give ODOT, Police, EMT, official vehicles right-of-way on roads. Please cooperate with their instructions.

Face covering requirement:

  1. Volunteers should wear a face covering unless they are a volunteer monitor on the course, more than 10’ away from runners/walkers.
  2. Participants are instructed and required to put on a face covering if within 6’ of another participant or volunteer. If running/walking on the race course and outside of the 6’ distance, they do not need to wear a face covering, or within team vehicle.
  3. For more info on HTC/PTC social distance measures, see:

2022 KEY DATES /// Registration + Participation

Download Key Dates PDF HERE


Extra Medals Order Deadline - Last day to order extra race medals (remember your dedicated van drivers and volunteers)! Available on-line in the Team Clubhouse


Extra Shirts/Update T-Shirt Size - Last day to order extra race shirts and update sizes. Size and quantity you have on your roster on this date is what you will receive at packet pickup. Any t-shirts submitted after this date will receive remaining sizes that are available.

June 16

Teams must have a minimum of 8 members on their roster in order to participate.

June 22

Last Day for Free Additions/Substitutions - After this day, adds/subs are $20 per person. (all participants must sign online waiver by this date to avoid the fee).


A minimum of 8 team members must complete the finish time survey by this date in order to receive a start time. Submit your most accurate/up-to date race time by registering and completing one of the HTC Race Series events. The finish time survey will close this day and no other changes may be made to team pace data.


Last Day for Team Name Changes - Your team name will be printed on your race bib! All Team Names as of 11:59pm on June 28 will be printed on the official race bibs!


Starting at 10am PST, check your Team Clubhouse for the ‘Add Volunteer’ button (if one team member is located within a 100 mile radius of Portland, you will be prompted). Invite your volunteers, they will be sent an automatic email invite (verify with volunteers that they have received this email). Volunteer registration and job selection will start July 8 at 8am PST.


Volunteer Registration and Job Selection OPENS @ 8am PST - Volunteers will follow the link in the email that was sent. Volunteer registration and training will end on August 5th at 11:59pm. We highly recommend using Google Chrome and not attempting to register via smartphone (please use an iPad or laptop/PC). Volunteer registration and training will end on August 5th at 11:59pm.

Aug 2

Volunteer Training Closes: Unassigned volunteers will be randomly assigned to open positions on 8/6. Volunteers who have completed the online training and have not selected a volunteer position will be randomly assigned to one. These random job assignments CANNOT BE CHANGED once assignments are issued. Closing at 11:59pm.


Packet Hold Issued for Local Teams with less than 3 Volunteers All local teams with less than three volunteers will not be able to pick up their race bag at Packet Pick Up. Race bags with necessary materials to participate in the event will be held until three volunteers have been confirmed.


Start times for teams are posted via logging into your Team Clubhouse.

AUG 8-12

Hood & Portland To Coast Office
7236 SW Durham Road, Suite 800
Portland, OR 97224

Aug 26-27

40th Anniversary Hood To Coast & 31st Annual Portland To Coast: Race Day! Let’s rock The Mother of All Relays!

Aug 27

Providence Cancer Institute overall fundraising will be announced at the Finish.

Aug 28

Top 6 teams in each Women’s, Men’s, and Mixed Categories will be given awards on a pick up basis anytime from 9:00-11:00am only on the beach, for Hood To Coast, PTC Walk, and Portland To Coast Challenge Run Relay.