- The Mother of All Relays -

The first Hood To Coast Relay took place on August 7, 1982

How did Hood and Portland To Coast Relays come to be?

The first Hood To Coast Relay took place, August 7, 1982 on a full moon, with 8 teams of 10 runners. Simple spray paint marks were made on the road to indicate exchange points, exactly every five miles. A group of running friends, led by Bob Foote, were looking to test themselves in a fresh new challenge, and without knowing it, were making history.

Bob, with his incredible long distance running experience (35 marathons and 13 ultras) started churning around ideas in his mind and came up with the idea of running from nearby Mount Hood, the backdrop for the City of Portland where his family lived, to another favorite weekend get-away…the beach! A group of running friends and competitors agreed to starting at Timberline Lodge on Mount Hood and finishing in the quaint coastal town of Pacific City. As a dedicated runner, Bob knew it was something he and his fellow running enthusiasts would enjoy as a challenging, unique, and truly memorable experience!

Word eventually got out of the adventurous Hood To Coast Relay Bob and his friends would do each year, and the race began to take on a life of its own. As HTC grew, it necessitated safer exchange points with more ample parking, resulting in varying leg lengths that continue today. In 1989, the event outgrew capacity for the town of Pacific City and moved to the beachside community of Seaside, Oregon. The distance of the event then increased to 199 miles, with teams growing in size to 12 members, in order to accommodate the extra mileage.

Not only runners were interested in the relay, in 1990, Hood To Coast organizers were approached separately by two women, one from Nike, asking to participate in the Hood To Coast as casual, non-competitive walk teams. Event organizers evaluated the logistics and feasibility, and came up with the idea of having the two teams start in downtown Portland, and travel from that point with the Hood To Coast course to Seaside. Along the course, a competitive fire was lit between the two teams and at that moment, although unofficially, the Portland To Coast Walk was born!
The next year, the Portland To Coast Walk Relay became official and has grown in popularity ever since. Each year it reaches the capacity of 400 teams. Walk teams take on an incredible challenge, and should be proud to be part of the Largest Walk Relay in the World and one of Oregon’s largest walking events of any kind!

In 2006, Felicia Hubber, came on-board the Hood To Coast organization as Race Director, and continues today, overseeing event logistics, the incredible staff, and long term vision for the race. Felicia has run in Hood To Coast six times, and has attended or worked in the race 38 of the last 41 years.

The Hood & Portland To Coast Relays have filled their team limit for the last 36 years, and on “Opening Day” for the last 31 years! The “Mother of All Relays” looks to continue for many years to come, with a vision for adventure, community, equity, and continuous improvement at the forefront.


How many teams have competed in HTC/PTC each year?


The very first Hood To Coast took place under a full moon, August 7 th , with eight teams of
wild runner friends of Bob Foote and the Oregon Road Runners Club. Birth of Hood To Coast
Relay, running from Mt. Hood to Pacific City, Oregon. Eight teams of 10 compete. Click to read a journal/blog from a member of the first year (and winning) HTC team!

1982 Race Results

8 teams


64 teams with no advertising, all word of mouth. Team ‘Road Kill’ wins 165 mile relay in 15:29.

1983 Race Results

64 teams


150 teams. ‘PAC-NW’ wins 170 mile trek in 14:47.

1984 Race Results



237 teams. ‘Portland Running Club’ wins in 14:43.

1985 Race Results

237 teams​


408 teams. Use of batons and commemorative medals begins. ‘Coastline Cruisers’ women win in 18:20, ‘Killer B’s’ men’s team wins in 14:37.

1986 Race Results

HTC grows to 408 teams


500 teams (limited to 500). ‘Coastline Cruisers’ women and ‘Killer B’s’ men’s team maintain domination, come in first in their categories.

1987 Race Results

HTC hosts over 500 teams


500 teams (limited to 500). 14:30 winning time by dominant H2C team, ‘The Killer B’s’. ‘Skedattlin’ Seattleans’ women’s team wins in 18:40.

1988 Race Results

HTC hosts over 500 teams


750 teams (limited to 750). Hood To Coast outgrew its Finish on the beaches of Pacific City and moved permanently to Seaside. The distance increased as well as teams from 10, now up to 12 members in order to accommodate the additional mileage, and three volunteer requirement is instituted.

1989 Race Results

750 team limit set and met.


750 teams (limited to 750). “Electric Mile” along Waterfront Park in Portland awards
runners with most outrageous outfit. Race seeding method revised.

1990 Race Results

750 team limit met


750 teams in 10th annual HTC! Limited to 750 total teams. The first Portland To Coast Walk takes place in downtown Portland, thanks to the instigation of two very competitive walk teams! Father/son duo completes Hood To Coast (96 miles each).

1991 Race Results

750 team limit met


750 teams (limited to 750). ‘Black Flag’ team wins overall in 16:03 upsetting longtime
winner, ‘The Killer B’s’.

1992 Race Results

750 team limit met


750 teams (limited to 750). All wheelchair racing team participates in HTC. New Nike team ‘Mambu Baddu’ (which means in Swahili ‘The Best is Yet to Come’, wins the overall race, setting the stage for the following year’s battle of the shoes rivalry).

1993 Race Results

750 team limit met


750 teams (limited to 750). MTV Rollerblade team allowed to participate one time only. Epic battle between teams Nike Mambu Baddu and Adidas Rolling Thunder ensues with world class international runners recruited. Both teams went head to head for almost 16 hours in the closest and fastest race in HTC history, coming down to the last 3 minutes where Nike prevailed, averaging 5 minute miles for 196 miles.

1994 Race Results

750 team limit met


750 teams (limited to 750). Incredible ultra distance runner Cindie McKenna vetted and approved, completes the first solo HTC in history, taking place Thursday through Saturday! Elite
team category instated, with Nike’s Mambu Baddu elite running team coming back with international runners to smash the HTC course record by 12 minutes at 15:45:55, average of
4:51 per mile!

1995 Race Results

750 team limit met


15 th anniversary Hood To Coast! 750 teams (limited to 750). Temporary bridge over Hwy 202 in Seaside created. Robert (HTC Founder) and 14 year old daughter, Felicia, run with a team in HTC for the first time together.

1996 Race Results

750 team limit met


875 teams (limited to 875). Volunteer Training session implemented. Mary Decker-Slaney runs on Nike Elite Women’s team, smashing the previously held time and breaking the Women’s Overall Record.

1997 Race Results

HTC grows to 875 teams


875 teams (limited to 875). HTC fills for the first time in one day. Hood To Coast website launched! ABC television one hour special on the race. Portland To Coast Challenge comes to fruition in its first year! Initially with just high school runners.

1998 Race Results

HTC meets 875 teams


1,000 teams (limited to 1,000). Five HTC category records set! Eight PTCW category records set, including winning team who averaged walking 9:20 per mile.

1999 Race Results

HTC grows to 1,000 teams


Oregon Governor Kitzhaber runs in HTC. ‘Caminata USA Racewalking’ walk team averages 9 minute miles.  Couple married at race start, part of honeymoon spent running HTC. Five HTC category records set, PTC Walk course record smashed, High School Challenge course records set in all three categories!

2000 Race Results

HTC meets 1,000 teams


1,000 teams (limited to 1,000). HTC reaches milestone 20th year! The ‘High Fibres’ men’s walk team from B.C. Canada, breaks PTC Walk record by over 4 hours, in 19:28!

2001 Race Results

HTC meets 1,000 teams


1,000 teams (limited to 1,000). HTC Mixed Masters and PTC Walk Mixed Masters course records set.

2002 Race Results

HTC meets 1,000 teams


1,000 teams (limited to 1,000). Economic impact analysis shows HTC and PTC events result in more than $26 million for Oregon state economy annually.

2003 Race Results

HTC meets 1,000 teams


1,000 teams (limited to 1,000). 12 countries represented.

2004 Race Results

HTC meets 1,000 teams


1,000 teams (limited to 1,000). PTC Walk celebrates its 15th birthday, ranked as the largest walking relay in the world!

2005 Race Results

HTC fills 1,000 teams


1,000 teams (limited to 1,000). HTC 25th Anniversary! New fund-raising record raised for
American Cancer Society.

2006 Race Results

HTC fills 1,000 teams


1,000 teams (limited to 1,000). 33 countries represented with teams in HTC. Green/sustainability initiatives launched (including on-course recycling). Race bib fundraising
sticker program launched, helped raise $224,000 for American Cancer Society.

2007 Race Results

HTC fills 1,000 teams


1,000 teams (limited to 1,000). Filming of Hood To Coast and four featured team stories takes place during the race for “Hood To Coast” the movie. $290,000 fundraised by participants, sponsors, race for American Cancer Society.

2008 Race Results

HTC fills 1,000 teams


1,000 teams (limited to 1,000). Hood To Coast maintains itself as the largest running relay in the world. $360,000 fundraised by participants, sponsors, race for American Cancer Society.

2009 Race Results

HTC fills 1,000 teams


1,000 teams (limited to 1,000). $500,000 fundraised to support the American Cancer Society! 20th anniversary PTC Walk Relay!

2010 Race Results

HTC fills 1,000 teams


30 th Anniversary Hood To Coast, 1,250 teams (limited to 1,250). ‘Hood To Coast’ movie is released to theaters nationwide to rave reviews on 1/11/11.  4,100 volunteers, 576 Honey Bucket porta-potties. 20,400 runners and walkers. 35 countries and all 50 states represented. $517,000 raised for American Cancer Society.

2011 Race Results

HTC fills 1,000 teams


1,000 teams (limited to 1,000). Toyo University team flies in from Japan to handily win Hood To Coast. A new record, $634,000 fundraised to support cancer research/patient advocacy programs.

2012 Race Results

HTC fills 1,000 teams


1,000 teams (limited to 1,000). Providence Cancer Institute becomes the Hood To Coast/Portland To Coast exclusive charity partner. Over $800,000 raised to support cancer programs through the race, and a newly redesigned beach party was unveiled!

2013 Race Results

HTC fills 1,000 teams


1,000 teams (limited to 1,000). Olympic athletes, Ashton Eaton, Lopez Lomong, and Josh Cox begin what becomes their annual participation in Hood To Coast through World Vision. Over 2,800 teams applied for 1,050 entries on the one “Opening Day” of registration.

2014 Race Results

HTC fills 1,000 teams


1,000 teams (limited to 1,000). A year of 90 mph wind gusts at the beach caused the Finish Party to adapt to a new temporary scenario, finishing on the prom and down Broadway Avenue in Seaside. Participants first day brought mild weather, but on day two participants braved 30-40 mph wind gusts on course and heavy rain, showing grit, determination and a positive spirit throughout.

2015 Race Results

HTC fills 1,000 teams


1,000 teams (limited to 1,000). Kevin Hart runs with a Nike team in Hood To Coast, exclaiming his love for the race thereafter! An incredible relay weekend, with over $600,000 raised for the Providence Cancer Institute to help cancer research and patient programs. HTC goes international in partnership with Yao Ming’s Starz Sports to produce the first global HTC
with Hood To China in the coming year!

2016 Race Results

HTC fills 1,000 teams


1,000 teams (limited to 1,000). Hood To Coast traversed 199 miles and Portland To Coast 130 miles. Participants came from all 50 states and 43 countries! Over $750,000 was raised to help the Providence Cancer Institute research and patient advocacy programs. The inaugural Hood To Coast China and HTC Taiwan Relays each took place to great fanfare!

2017 Race Results

HTC fills 1,000 teams


1,000 teams (limited to 1,000). Japan’s elite Toyo University running team comes back with an aim to break the longstanding overall course record. Their pace was on course close to do so, but the Leg 35 runner made a wrong turn. Toyo still finishes first in HTC but misses course record. Participants and organization fundraise over $850,000 to help NW residents affected by cancer with the Providence Cancer Institute. The annual Hood To Coast China, Taiwan, and Israel Relays went off successfully, and enthusiastically embraced by a broader global audience.

2018 Race Results

HTC fills 1,000 teams


1,000 teams (limited to 1,000). New record of nearly $900,000 is raised to help immunotherapy research and patient programs with the Providence Cancer Institute! Two full teams of blind running athletes complete Hood To Coast, and HTC becomes a Certified B Corp, the first athletic event to do so!

2019 Race Results

HTC fills 1,000 teams


Global and domestic issues related to COVID-19 created the need to postpone The Mother of All Relays to the following year, for the first time ever. THE VIRTUAL MOVEMENT was created to incentivize participants and families to stay active throughout the year.

HTC fills 1,000 teams


1,000 teams (limited to 1,000). The Portland To Coast Challenge starts accepting adult runners (not just high school)! Back for the 39th annual Hood To Coast & 30th anniversary Portland To Coast Walk and PTC Challenge Relays, the Mother of All Relays again found adventure and smiles along the way while raising funds for the Providence Cancer Institute and celebrating with a laser light show on the beach!

HTC fills 1,000 teams


1,000 HTC teams (limited to 1,000). 400 PTC Walk, and 50 PTC Challenge teams accepted. 40th anniversary Hood To Coast set to take place, continuing for years to come with the unique
spirit that each team brings to the Mother of All Relays! Providence Cancer Institute fundraising & plenty of 40th anniversary special features at the Start, on course, and Finish Party! #HTC40 

HTC fills 1,000 teams


1,000 HTC teams (limited to 1,000). 400 PTC Walk/PTC Challenge. Record $920,000 raised to help FINISHCANCER with the Providence Cancer Center! New HTC Men’s Super Masters category record of 6:19 pace per mile set! Best ever volunteers and participants in the Mother of All Relays.

2023 Race Results

HTC fills 1,000 teams